New: Merano WineFestival & Gourmet united


Gourmet’s International in Meran and the president Helmuth Köcher have recognised that it would be beneficial to combine all the events that take place before the internationally recognised Merano International WineFestival & Culinaria with this event, and present them under a single name.

Merano WineFestival & Gourmet takes over the leadership for all events during the year.

The name “Anteprima” defines the events that take place before
November, while the names “GourmetHotel – Chef&Food – Fine Wine”
only apply to events during the first week in November.

• The stages of the Eurotour take
place in the first few months of the year and finish in July and
present top quality Italian wines and culinary produce abroad.
• The Exclusive Presentation takes place in Italy in September and October as a preview of the November programme in Meran.

“GourmetHotel – Chef&Food – Fine Wine” from 31.10. to 09.11.2009 contains:

o 18th Merano International WineFestival: elite quality wines – exclusive meeting point for wine lovers
o bio&dynamica: organic and biodynamic wines which reflect the diversity of the territory

 VinoCulti: Tradition and innovation at the table with famous head chefs
 Culinaria: homemade delicacies made from Italian quality produce
 GourmetArena: fascinating show cooking with star chefs

 GourmetHotelCollection: presentation of exclusive hotels from the whole of Italy with delicacies made by the respective head chefs
 Locande del Gusto: typical friendly quality businesses and their top wines


pictures "MeranO WineFestival 2008"